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It took me several days to collect and organize these arrows. They are scattered in different places, and are hard to find. Also, there are a lot symmetry issues, and some mirror image isn't there. Here's some details of my experience. They are scattered in different code blocks. In the beginning of Unicode history, there's just a right pointing arrow of a particular style, because left pointing ones are seldomly or never used.

But later, it's realized the left pointing ones are important too, for one reason or another, and sometimes there's a need just for completeness because Unicode became more wide spread.

So, the left pointing ones get added, in the same block but different neighborhood, or in another block. For similar reasons, other symmetric versions of the same style such as upward and or downward versions are scattered in wildly different blocks.

You can see that, this right pointing arrow was there first. The others are added later. The names are inconsistent.

Now we have a ugly situation. But, as ofonly the first one is rendered in the same style. Lots of these arrows are from math, but some are also used elsewhere. The problem is, it's hard to categorize them into one place. Many arrows do not have symmetric versions. Also, when trying to order them, i ran into the problem of devising a ordering scheme. For example, usually i order them by left right up down, like this:. For the vertical pair, which should come first?

Each arc can be clockwise or anti-clockwise. First of all, note that not all of them is present. How the chars shows up on your screen may be very different from another person. It depends on your operating system, web browser, your browser and OS configuration, and availability of font on your system.

Typically, the rightward versions have correctly designed fonts, because it is far more popularly used. The leftward version, or other directions, sometimes get added as afterthought or extensions. By Xah Lee. Date: Need Font Help? All rights reserved.

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Reset Settings. Estandar Latinotype. True Sketch Tom Chalky. Wevli Typodermic Fonts Inc. Revista Latinotype. Van Condensed Vanarchiv. Rainier Kimmy Design. Look Ornaments Insigne Design. Noyh A Typesketchbook. Fairwater Laura Worthington. Avaline Kimmy Design. Michael mysunday. Fourth Jason Vandenberg.

arrow font

Amorie Kimmy Design. ClickBits Fonthead Design. Inkheart Fenotype. Palomino My Creative Land. On Sale! Kinfolk Pro Fontforecast. Tobi Greek Cyrillic Rodrigo Typo. Palomino Clean My Creative Land. Screener Canada Type. Loyola Round Pro Rodrigo Typo. Hoofer Scholtz Fonts. Reserve Positype.

Cherry Fenotype.Below you can see glyphs abc print font. You can download this web font for free. Just click to "Download" button.

Font has regular style. Also you can download related fonts: Abc Print. Share abc print font with your friends! Abc Print Font Character Map.

How to insert symbols and special characters in Excel

Overview Rating:. Alien Ancient Animals Antique Arabic Army Art Artdeco 1. Artnouveau Asian Bar Code Bold 4. Broken Brush Calligraphy Capitals Cartoon Celtic Chinese Chiseled 1. Christmas Classic Comic Condensed Cool Curly Cyrillic In this lesson, we'll look at how to add symbols and other special characters to text in Excel.

This includes things like the copyright symbol, math signs, arrows, and the graphics found in fonts like Wingdings. Let's take a look. There are several different ways to insert symbols and special characters. One way, that's not obvious, is to use autocorrect.

Autocorrect is a feature built into Excel that automatically substitutes one bit of text for another. Here, we see that there are a few symbols already handled by autocorrect This means we can add a copyright symbol by typing a lowercase c in parentheses and autocorrect will add the proper character for us.

Let's try it. The more standard way to add special characters is to use the symbol button on the Insert tab of the ribbon. This launches the Symbol window, which contains two tabs. The Special Characters tab is a rather short list of commonly used characters. If the character you need is listed here, select it and click Insert. Then click Close. The Symbols tab has more options. Here, you can select both a Font and a Subset of symbols.

Subsets are groups of related symbols. For example, use the Subset menu to switch to arrows. When you find the symbol you want, just click Insert. You can also double-click to insert a symbol. If you need to insert graphic symbol from a certain font, select the font first, then browse the available symbols. Let's switch to Wingdings, and find a checkmark and a checkbox symbol.

Keep in mind that other users will only see special characters in fonts that they too have installed on their system. Wingdings is a pretty good choice, since it's standard on windows machines and Macs that have Microsoft office installed.

Skip to main content. This lesson is from our online video training. How to insert symbols and special characters in Excel. Core Excel. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. You guys rock, you have helped me more times in completing a work project than I can even count over the past year and a half. Keep fighting the good fight! Excel video training Quick, clean, and to the point. Learn more.There are more than arrows in Unicode. They have different functions and play different roles.

All simple single-headed or double-headed arrows can be implemented by different character encodingsare of 8 directions: 2 horizontal, 2 vertical and 4 diagonal. The base arrows are placed in Arrows section. Miscellaneous Symbols. Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A. Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B.

arrow font

Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows. Supplemental Arrows-C. Supplemental Mathematical Operators. Combining Diacritical Marks. Combining Diacritical Marks Extended. Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols.

Arrow Crafter

Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms. Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs. Miscellaneous Technical. Modifier Tone Letters. Spacing Modifier Letters. If you are intrested in the meaning of any arrow, you should mouse over a symbol to see its name.

Also you can move to the page dedicated to that symbol. Arrows can indicate force directions in Physics, they can be used to point directions in public places or as Maths symbols. There're plenty of roles arrows can play, and some of the arrows meanings you can see following.

Long arrows differ from their short versions not only styllistically with their glyphes but also semantically. And long arrows are used with transforms eg: Fourier transform. Make sure you switch on the NumLock, 2. Press and hold down the Alt key with your left hand, 3. Type the Alt Code value of the arrow you want. Our website is a goldmine of such information. All you need is to move to the page of the arrow you need.

In the case above: You asked, Font Awesome delivers with 41 shiny new icons in version 4. Want to request new icons?

Here's how. Need vectors or want to use on the desktop? Check the cheatsheet. Get icons right now with FA Free, plus another icons with Pro, which also gets you another 53 icon category packs as we finish them! Ligatures for easier desktop use, shim for quick upgrades from 4, and more styles, icons, and tools with FA Pro.

Font Awesome 4 is so Upgrade to version 5 and get twice the icons. Get the Latest. Toggle navigation Font Awesome. The Icons The complete set of icons in Font Awesome 4. Search icons Clear search. Example of address-book-o. Example of address-card. Example of address-card-o. Example of bandcamp. Example of bath. Example of bathtub alias. Example of drivers-license alias.The fonts were originally named Lucida Icons, Arrows, and Stars to complement the Lucida text font family by the same designers.

Renamed, reorganized, and released in as Microsoft Wingdings TMthe three fonts provide a harmoniously designed set of icons representing the common components of personal computer systems and the elements of graphical user interfaces. There are icons for PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, trackball, hard drive, diskette, tape cassette, printer, fax, etc. In addition, Wingdings includes icons with both traditional and computer significance, such as writing tools and hands, reading glasses, clipping scissors, bell, bomb, check boxes, as well as more traditional images such as weather signs, religious symbols, astrological signs, encircled numerals, a selection of ampersands and interrobangs, plus elegant flowers and flourishes.

Pointing and indicating are frequent functions in graphical interfaces, so in adition to a wide selection of pointing hands, the Wingdings fonts also offer arrows in careful gradations of weight and different directions and styles. For variety and impact as bullets, asterisks, and ornaments, Windings also offers a varied set of geometric circles, squares, polygons, targets, and stars. This typeface is also available within Office applications.

Arrow Crafter Font

For more information visit this page. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. File name Wingding. All Rights Reserved. Font vendor Microsoft Corp. Windows 8. Windows 8 See the Windows 8 page. Windows 7 See the Windows 7 page. Windows Vista 5. Yes No. Any additional feedback?

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