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Brake pedal whistles

This device is bolted behind your hydraulic master cylinder. The master cylinder is connected to your brake pedal. When you apply your brake it pushes a rod against the master cylinder. This rod is in between the master cylinder and your brake pedal. The rod runs through the brake booster. As the engine runs, a vacuum is generated, and pulls against a large diaphragm on the back side of your master cylinder. When you apply the brake the diaphragm, or the vacuum from the engine, also pulls forward.

It allows you to put a little bit of energy on your brake pedal, but a whole bunch of energy goes to your brakes. A vacuum leak. It sounds like a vacuum cleaner, but in reverse. And this could be your brake booster leaking. They do make a lot of noise. And they hold a lot of vacuum.

brake pedal whistles

The brake booster is pretty big, and it is a reservoir for vacuum. Salmon Auto Repair. Recent Posts. July Maintenance Tips Uncategorized.

Brake Pedal Whistling

Whistling in your brakes Published July 15, By admin. Here are a couple of quick tips in how to tell if you have a bad hydraulic brake booster. Locating the brake booster This device is bolted behind your hydraulic master cylinder.

Posted in Uncategorized. All Rights Reserved.My car has gone aroundmiles and lately I've noticed that it started making some noises. There is an occasional whistling while I'm applying the brakes. I can also hear it when I'm increasing the speed from second gear.

I had the brakes checked and they are not the cause. What could be wrong? If the noise occurs when applying the brakes and not moving then you may have a failure in the brake assist. If it only occurs when the vehicle is moving then you may have a failure in one of the bearings or it may just be glazed brake pads.

I would need to know when it occurs. I usually start diagnosing this by getting the vehicle into the air and inspecting these parts for wear. If you plan on having this repaired, consider YourMechanic, as a certified mechanic can come to your home or office to diagnose the noise firsthand and make the necessary repairs. Q: Whistling noise when braking and accelerating asked by Christopher H.

Robert Tomashek Automotive Mechanic. Thank Robert. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. Why do I need to charge my car's battery ever week or two but I cannot find an obvious problem withe the electronic system.

Grinding noise from differential by Audrey G. Whining noise when the engine is at idle. Changed battery and the fuel pump and car still slow to start. When it does start it shuts off without warning.Have been dealing with this problem for more than a year. Replaced master cylinder once, brake booster twice and the abs pump cost more than the transmission. My new mechanic has bled the lines twice, replaced the master cylinder and brake booster and apbs pump and is now at a loss.

brake pedal whistles

I can pry the pedal back up with my foot and then it will operate find for a few days…then whistle again. I love this truck, the engine is strong new tranny 9 mos ago and the body in great shape. My mechanic is just out of ideas…help. Barky, you have reactivated my brain cells.

Good post. There should also be a check valve in that vacuum lime to allow one-way passage of air. My money is on the check valve. He did say he could always look at the check valve again but said it might be in the brake pedal assembly and should replace it. What do you think? A whistling sound would suggest air passing through a hole. I know of nothing in a brake pedal assembly that could whistle.

A sticking brake pedal will cause the same condition. Someone familiar with the operation of the booster needs to check that out. At first read, it sure look like something associated with the power booster. Maybe the mechanic can use an engine stethoscope to isolate exactly where the whistle sound is coming from.

Common Brake Noises & What They Mean!

That could result in other engine related symptoms, like rough idle, missing, etc. Do you have any of those? Try applying and releasing the brake pedal several times without the engine running.

After a few pumps the pedal should get quite hard to push.When I press my brake pedal down I hear a whistle sound The brake pads are new it's a Ford edge Your brake master cylinder is leaking vacuum or your vacuum check valve at the vacuum connection is leaking or noisey.

Have these two things checked to isolate where the noise is coming from and replace noisey part. Q: When I press my brake pedal I hear a whistle sound asked by Richard. When I press my brake pedal down I hear a whistle sound The brake pads are new it's a Ford edge My car has miles. Jay Safford Automotive Mechanic. Thank Jay. Was this answer helpful?

Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. Brakes are making squeaking noise - Toyota Cressida by Jasmine B. Vehicle is making a loud groaning sound when turning during very cold weather. Will only allow fuel filling in short spurts. Does my ford f xlt 3. Truck hesitating down the highway by Luke B. Front left tire shakes during braking by Amelia T. Home Questions. Year I don't know. What others are asking Transmission slips while driving downhill - Chevrolet K Suburban There are many possible technical service bulletins the manufacturer has listed for this problem on your vehicle.

The problems range from internal gears to pressure solenoids of the transmission. I suggest having the transmission pressures tested to see if the Read more. Can you put spark plugs and fuel injectors from a 4.Skip to main content.

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Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.If the brake pads are consumed they need to be replaced, if they're superficially crystalized vitrified they need to be sanded or replaced. So, starting from a correct maintenance situation, if the noise which only represents an annoyance persists, go on reading.

The whistle we perceive is only a vibration fomented and amplified by a resonance which in specific circumstances establishes between the pad and the disk. The problem appears more often when the brakes are overheated, for example after the constant use during a long slope.

Also rain or better, water often makes the phenomenon worse. Anyway, our goal is to avoid this resonance, and the consequent establishment of the loud vibration which we perceive as an annoying whistle. There are two methods that we would like to suggest you, and they could also be used together, since the one doesn't exclude the other.

The first is the application of a particular grease or an anti-seizing paste which resists high temperatures. Copper grease is perfect for this application. You have to applicate a light coat of it on the back of the brake pads, only where they touch the pistons. It's important to apply only a veil of it, a bigger quantity is not necessary since the excess would be expelled anyway, causing problems in the case it meets the disk or the rubber seals making them swell, growbecause this type of grease is incompatible with rubber.

So the supports of the pliers doesn't need to be greased with copper grease, but with siliconic grease or other products compatible with rubber. In this picture PICTURE 1 we can see a little tube of the product we use, and on a consumed brake pad the signs left by the piston of the back brake pliers.

The image is useful to understand where to spread the copper grease, that is only where the piston touches the back of the pad. The second method consists in rounding to 45 grades the angles or corners of the brake pads using abrasive paper grainbecause it's the external perimeter of the pad that mainly activates the vibration. It is of fundamental importance, for your safety and for the performances of the braking system, to check regularly the state of use of disks and pads.

The first have a limit thickness normally stamped on the disk itself after the initials MIN. If the mass of the disk decreases as in the case of a consumed disk, of not enough thickness its thermal capacity will be compromised too, not only its mechanical resistance.

There is also the risk, specially on off-road motorcycles, that stones or bumps damage the disk or other components of the system, so it is necessary to check them regularly. It also needs to be checked, specially on fixed disks, that the flange and the connections to the hub don't have cracks or mechanical distortions. To rebore a crooked or damaged by deep scars disk is usually not suggested, because it also unavoidably implicates a reduction of the thickness, and so, despite the reparation would have a useful life, it would be brief.

The pads are usually considered consumed when they reach the thickness of 1mm, but also in this case it is good to consult the manual of your own motorcycle. Always remember that the brakes are the most important part of the motorcycle in matter of active safety, and that efficient and well maintained brakes which also includes the periodic substitution of oil could save your life. This phenomenon was quite unknown until the 80s. In fact, back to those times, in the composition of the brake pads was present asbestos too, which thanks to its characteristics avoided the appearance of this annoying effect.

Since when the carcinogenicity of asbestos and it has finally been banished, it was necessary to use other materials, which present more this inconvenience. In the long slopes, instead of constantly keeping a light pressure on the brake, it is better to brake intensely to reduce the speed, then let the motorcycle go using the engine brake when possible to let the pads cool down and clean themselves, so brake intensely again for a limited period of time, which means using the brakes discontinuously.

brake pedal whistles

This behavior will avoid the crystallization vitrification of the brake pads.Brake Pedal Whistling. I've never had this happen before, but my brake pedal has started to whistle all of a sudden. It whistles both when with the brake pedal engaged and also sometimes when unengaged. It only whistles after I've driven the car for a while and then intermittently. It seems to get worse the longer I drive it though and also when the weather is hotter.

Why does make brake give a whistling sound?

In the winter on the extremely cold days, I did notice a sound like air escaping under pressure The brake pedal does feel spongy compared to normal also I've been told it might be the brake power booster. Has anyone had this happen? Is the brake power booster hard to replace? Any comments would be appreciated. Oh Mike, it took me about 10 seconds to get it Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.

That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. It sounds like a vacuum leak, quite possible from the power booster. You should get this fixed immediately or you risk having even greater impaired braking performance.

Sorry, I don't know how hard the booster is to replace. Definitely the booster. I replaced my booster this spring after putting up with a year or so of the squealing noise. The pedal also eventually became intermittently hard. Replaced booster - problem gone. Guess which one you should get it from other chains will probably have similar pricing to Advance.

Bill Putney. I think my brake power booster needs to be replaced, I just want to confirm this. I went out a little while ago and started my M. When I stepped on the brake I got this whosssing sound, even when releasing the pedal.

If I hold the brake pedal partially down it will make that sound for a long time. I also noticed that when I step on the brake, while idling, my RPMs go from about or up to I drove it around the block and it's a little hard to stop the car. It was about 24 degrees outside at the time. This happened a couple of weeks ago on a very cold day, then it went away. I have my own mechanic who works on my car and is very reasonable. I just want to know if this a big job? Any thoughts?

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