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Diablo 3 rare upgrade chart

For those of you who may have taken a break from gathering loot recently, we thought a quick refresher was in order to clear up any confusion about the differences between Legendary, Ancient, and Primal Ancient items.

In general, Ancient and Primal Ancient items are more powerful versions of Legendary items. They are identical to Legendary items except that their base attributes damage or armor and all non-percentile affixes roll higher values for both minimum and maximum possible rolls. Primal Ancients are for players who have largely completed gearing for their build or finished their Season Journey but want to continue playing.

We wanted to extend the excitement of seeing gear drop or spending Blood Shards at Kadala beyond obtaining Ancients in every slot. Primals provide an avenue for dedicated players to complete a build, without feeling like required upgrades. Overwatch League. Log In. All News. Diablo III. Blizzard Entertainment May 24, We hope that answers any questions you may have about Ancients and Primal Ancients.

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CA Residents only: Do not sell my personal information.Forgot your password? Leveling to 70 in a new season can seem like quite a slow process to some, but there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to speed the process up by a huge amount.

This guide covers everything you can do to increase your leveling speed with Kanai's Cubethe Challenge Rift, and different leveling methods.

At the very start of the Season, your first job is, naturally, to create a new seasonal hero. While this first choice does not lock you down too terribly, note that the Seasonal Journey rewards you once per Season — only for the character that completes the chapters first. Bearing that in mind, pick your character and enter the game. Note that once you reach level 7, vendors in all towns — the ones with the nickname "the Fence" in their names — will start selling rings.

Each of them has a chance to sell rings that increase your Average Damage i. After your character is created, head to the Game Settings menu, go into the Challenge Rifts and start the current weekly run.

Note that you have to have completed at least one Greater Rift on your account either in non-seasonal or previous seasons to have Challenge Rifts unlocked. The completion of the Challenge Rift is usually trivial and can be completed either solo or in a group, and will net you a Challenge Rift Reward cache.

Open it up in-game with your brand new seasonal character and claim its contents: 35 Death's Breath s, a couple hundred of each of the base crafting materials Veiled Crystal s, Arcane Dustand Reusable PartsBlood Shards5. With your newfound riches, upgrade both your Blacksmith and your Mystic craftsmen in town to their maximum rank. Your next important step is to acquire Kanai's Cube.

From that waypoint, run left towards the city and make your way around the ruins; one of its far corners typically upper right, lower right, or lower left will have the entrance to the next zone, the Elder Sanctum. Once in the Elder Sanctum, make your way through the zone, practically to its other end. When you find the Cube and click it, it automatically transports itself back to town.

While you are at it, make sure to consult our Kanai's Cube guide for additional details on its use — it is an incredibly important part of your character progression at any point of the game, so make sure to acquaint yourself thoroughly with its properties.

One of the strongest early game boosts that you can obtain while leveling is to craft a yellow rare level 70 item at the blacksmith, then try to upgrade it into a valuable legendary at Kanai's Cube, and finally extract its property for one of the Kanai's Cube legendary power slots. Note that this strategy is stronger for some classes over others, particularly favoring Demon Hunters, Necromancers, and somewhat Barbarians. The remaining classes can skip this step and directly go to gambling, sparing themselves some disappointment and saving some materials for level 70, since you can do this recipe exactly once at the Season's start you only have so many Death's Breaths.

When choosing which rare item to craft, keep in mind that you are looking to upgrade them into a legendary that provides some form of skill damage multiplier that will skyrocket your leveling efficiency. Every class has a different set of valuable items to attempt for:. Note that this part of the leveling strategy requires some amount of luck for non-DH and non-Necromancer players.

Leveling in a group minimizes the risk of RNG screwing everyone over, but sometimes you will be unlucky; this is nothing to be bothered by, as leveling in Diablo is still a fairly easy and straightforward process.

If you are lucky, however, and obtain one of the items outlined above, you will have just about enough Death's Breaths to use the Extract Legendary Power recipe in Kanai's Cube. Do that, and then slot the now maximized legendary power of the item in the Cube, netting yourself a considerable leveling bonus. Needless to say, adjust your build accordingly to the legendary power, i. Your next step is to try and gamble for valuable items from Kadala at level 1. Since not every legendary is available right from the start, the legendary item pools for some classes are restricted in a beneficial way to obtain another strong damage multiplier right from the start.

If you do not consider the legendaries listed for your class particularly attractive, you can always gamble for Helms for a considerable chance at obtaining Leoric's Crown ; extracting its power and socketing rubies in your helmets throughout leveling will net you a hefty amount of extra experience. Pick a two-handed weapon category of your choice 2h Axes, Maces, Swords You are looking for a roll with:. If both these stats are present, you have eliminated a large part of the possible Secondary stats on the weapon.

Thus, you can easily reroll the other Secondary stat the one that is NOT the crowd control stat into Reduced Level Requirement — making the item wearable up to 30 levels prior to level This is a tremendous damage increase for a large chunk of your leveling process.Forgot your password?

This page lists all of the items that are featured in our builds, so that you can quickly check if an item is worth keeping or if you should salvage it. If you do not find it, you can salvage it. If you find it, check out the guides where it is featured before deciding what to do with it.

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Farming/Upgrading Legendary Gems and Crafting Normal Gems

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diablo 3 rare upgrade chart

End Game. Rend Build with Wrath of the Wastes Set top-tier solo gr-pushing gr-farming. Hammer of the Ancients Build with the Raekor Set high-tier solo gr-pushing gr-farming. Set Dungeon Guides. Wrath of the Wastes Set. Raekor Set. Might of the Earth Set. Immortal King Set. Blessed Shield Build with Legacy of Dreams top-tier solo gr-pushing.

Thorns Build with Invoker Set top-tier solo gr-pushing speed-farming. Condemn Build with Legacy of Dreams high-tier solo gr-pushing. Condemn Build with Akkhan Set high-tier solo gr-pushing speed-farming db-farming. Sweep Attack Build with Roland's Set mid-tier solo gr-pushing speed-farming. Bombardment Build with Legacy of Nightmares Set mid-tier solo gr-pushing speed-farming.

Shield Bash Build with Roland's Set low-tier solo speed-farming. Akkhan Set.

Rarest Legendary Items In Diablo 3 Hardest Items to get Top 10 Diablo 3 (Drops, Kadala, Cube)

Invoker Set. Roland's Set. Seeker of the Light Set. Rapid Fire Build with Legacy of Dreams top-tier solo gr-pushing. Rapid Fire Build with Natalya's Vengeance top-tier solo gr-pushing. Shadow's Mantle Build with Impale top-tier solo gr-pushing speed-farming. Sentry Build with Natalya's and Marauder Set high-tier solo gr-pushing. Multishot Build with Unhallowed Essence Set high-tier solo gr-pushing speed-farming bounties.Forgot your password?

Kanai's Cube is one of the most important items in Diablo 3 — the heir to the legendary Horadric Cube that provides services that are just as important to your character growth as item farming and Paragon grinding. This guide explain the myriad of things you can do with the Cube, as well as some of its lesser known properties. From that waypoint, run left towards the city and make your way around the ruins; one of its far corners typically upper right, lower right, or lower left will have the entrance to the next zone, the Elder Sanctum.

Once in the Elder Sanctum, make your way through the zone, practically to its other end. When you find the Cube and click it, it automatically transports itself back to town.

Note that you will have to find Kanai's Cube once every Season, but after that it opens for your entire account, so you do not have to go through the process again on your Seasonal alts. Non-Seasonal characters only have to do this process once. You can access the Cube from any town in the game, Acts I to V, and at any level If you are playing in a group, make sure your entire party is in the Elder Sanctum before you "take" the Cube from its resting place.

Characters that are not present in the zone will not get credit, so notify everyone to teleport to you either by clicking your flag in town, or right clicking your character portrait and selecting 'Teleport to One of the major uses of Kanai's Cube are its three items slots for legendary power extraction.

Any "legendary power" of an item the orange text below the item stats can be extracted in Kanai's Cube and placed into the appropriate slot, which are:.

diablo 3 rare upgrade chart

Picking a legendary power in any of these slots grants that power to your character without needing to wear the item. Furthermore, the legendary power is maximized, i. Another great trait of Kanai's Cube is that it ignores the item level of the absorbed item, and since legendary properties do not vary from level to level, it is a great place for legendaries that dropped while leveling — they can still greatly enhance your gameplay.

During early Seasonal leveling, any of your strong class-specific drops, or generic powerhouses like The FurnaceCindercoatNemesis Bracersand many more, can and should be extracted in the Cube once you outlevel the usefulness of their basic stats. As a final note, you can not 'double-up' on legendary powers — for example, wearing a Ring of Royal Grandeur while simultaneously using it in the Cube will not reduce set item requirements any further.

This recipe will allow you to extract a legendary item into one of the three slots mentioned above. The item can be any level, as long as it is a legendary that has a specific power on it, and the cubed version will always give you the maximum roll on a modifier. This recipe allows you to reforge a specific legendary item to re-roll it, completely resetting the stats on it, as well as giving it the potential to roll as an Ancient or Primal legendary.

While this recipe is expensive, it is the only way to specifically improve a targeted legendary. Note that, if you place an Ancient or Primal item in this recipe, it is not guaranteed to come out as the same quality and can be reforged into a standard legendary.Forgot your password? Like the vast majority of items in Diablo 3, legendaries and set items can only be found through chance, and cannot be target-farmed.

Seasonal Leveling Guide

That means killing monsters, elites and bosses, opening chests, gambling at Kadala and upgrading rare items at the Cube. Note that you can use D3 Planner to check for your chances of getting the item you want through Gambling at Kadala or upgrading rares in the Kanai's Cube. Primal items are essentially the same as Ancients, but with maximized stats, and are recognizable by their red drop beam and item border.

Primals can come from any farming activity in the game, but only after having successfully completed at least a level 70 Greater Rift solo. Besides efficient farming of standard and Greater Rifts sub-5 minute runsyou can maximize your chances at obtaining Ancient and Primal gear by doing the following. This build is presented to you by Deadsetone of the very few professional Diablo 3 players. Deadset regularly publishes video guides on Youtube and streams on Twitchwhere you can see how this and other builds play out in practice.

diablo 3 rare upgrade chart

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Overwatch 2. Leveling and Fresh 70 Guide. End Game. Rend Build with Wrath of the Wastes Set top-tier solo gr-pushing gr-farming.

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Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I heard the best way to get these items is to upgrade rare items in Kanai's cube.

But which rare items should I buy at the blacksmith that have the highest probability to turn into the items I am looking for? When you use "Hope of Cain" recipe to upgrade a rare item to a legendary, the game creates a random item of type and level that the rare item was. When the game chooses which legendary to drop, it uses weights that determine how rare or common each legendary is.

For example, here are all the Legendary two-handed maces and their weights:. You can check here for a table of all weights and drop chances for 2. In further versions, searching for " diablo 3 legendary drop rates " should get you there. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Recommended rare items to upgrade in Kanai's Cube Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 4 months ago. Active 3 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 34k times. Is there a list with more legendary items and their recommended rare counterpart? Troyen 5, 2 2 gold badges 35 35 silver badges 67 67 bronze badges. Manuel Schmidt Manuel Schmidt 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges.

For the furnace you would need to upgrade a Two-Handed Mace, for the wand of woh you would need to upgrade a wand, ect. It doesn't matter which Two-Handed Mace, aslong as it is that, you'll get a random chance of getting a furnace. Active Oldest Votes. If you play multiplayer, asking people in your party for the Furnace or In-geom if they already have one is also a very good way to get those.

Alex Correction: not "if they already have one", but "if it drops for them in the current game". Legendaries are only tradable to players who were in the game at the moment the item dropped.

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diablo 3 rare upgrade chart

Gems can be found in either legendary or non-legendary forms, with the latter simply granting flat stat buffs. The former provide special effects that are often integral to a build's playstyle and can completely change the potential of a build.

This page covers the gems that are currently available, as well as their effects and information on each. Gems can be unsocketed at will and higher level gems can be used on any character, so spending gold to upgrade non-legendary gems or farming for legendary gems and upgrading them is never a waste. Depending on your amount of play, you will also likely need to keep farming and leveling them to fulfil the Augment recipe in Kanai's Cube.

Non-legendary gems or normal gems come in 5 possible types: Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Topaz. Each of this type of gem gives you different stat bonuses for different item slots. At Level 70, the most basic gems you can find are Marquise gems, for example Marquise Emerald. You can upgrade these gems all the way to Flawless Royal Emerald.

All the gem types follow the same upgrade patterns, which we describe below for Emerald gems. Imperial gems do sometimes drop at Level 70, so having a few of those will lower the cost, but the overall cost is extremely cheap compared to the amount of gold you will find at Level You also need to find the Jeweler's patterns for these gems, which can be found in the Bounty Cache you obtain from completing 5 bounties in a single act.

Legendary gems are obtained from Greater Rifts. You are guaranteed to get one every time you kill a Greater Rift Guardian. Unlike normal gems, legendary gems can only be increased in power by upgrading them through Greater Rifts. Each time you complete a greater rift, you will be able to upgrade the gem by a single rank, with 3 guaranteed chances at an upgrade if you complete the rift in time.

Additionally, you will get an extra chance if you do not die during the rift or if you empower it when starting the rift using gold. By doing both, you can have a maximum of 5 upgrade chances per Greater Rift. Each upgrade is given a percentage chance to succeed, dependant on the level of the gem and the Greater Rift level you completed.

Currently, the chances are as follows:. All legendary gems can be upgraded to give them better stats or rather, more powerful effects. When you first loot a legendary gem, it has a rank of 0 and its special Rank 25 effect is locked. There are currently 23 legendary gems in the game, with 22 readily available at any time and 1 seasonal gem. There is 1 legendary gem that is not listed above, which is the Anniversary Event gem, Red Soul Shard.

You can learn more about this in our Darkening of Tristram guide for the 20th Anniversary Event. Gems are a vital component of multiple recipes in Kanai's Cube, including gem type swapping and augments.

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