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Refill co2 bottle

An air compressor can be an invaluable tool and even be used to fill and empty a CO2 tank. If you use a CO2 tank, you know how much of a hassle it can be taking it back and forth to the store to be refilled, not to mention the money wasted.

Fortunately, if you have access to an air compressorthere is a very quick and easy way to keep your CO2 tank filled with no cost. You will need the proper compressed air fitting for your air compressor hose.

Attach the CO2 fitting to the fitting at the end of the compressor hose. Screw the other end of the fitting into the CO2 tank, tightly.

refill co2 bottle

At the top of the fitting there is a bleed-off valve that needs to be unscrewed as well. This will let any air left over in the tank out, allowing you better accuracy with filling it up. Make sure you reclose the bleed valve before turning on the compressor. Determine the size of your CO2 tank and multiply it by two. That is the amount of time you want to run the compressor. An 8 ounce tank will need 16 seconds worth of air. Check your watch and turn the compressor on. There is little margin for error, but keep track of your time or you could end up damaging your tank, your compressor, or yourself.

Overfilling is a serious concern so track your fill time carefully. Open the bleed valve for just a second or two to clear out the lines and avoid any build up, then unscrew your tank from the air compressor hose. This incredibly easy task will allow you much more use of your CO2 tank at little to no cost at all. If you yourself do not have an air compressor, you may find one available to you at work, school, or through a friend.

Always be sure to be careful around the compressed air.

How to Use an Air Compressor to Fill a CO2 Tank

Never puncture or drop a CO2 tank, and keep flammable materials away. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved.Gas-powered devices such as paintball guns and keg systems require pressurized CO2 in order for them to work properly. The tanks containing this pressurized gas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and need to be refilled regularly. There are a number of places you can get a CO2 tank filled up at; however, if you are going to be using a lot of CO2, it might be a wise investment to get your own fill up station for your home.

Purchase a lb. CO2 tank with a siphon tube, a scale that can weight up to 5 lbs. Bulk CO2 tanks and the rest of the equipment can be purchased online or ordered through paintball retailers. Secure the lb. Place the small plastic ring that came with your fill station between the tank nozzle and the fill station. Empty the tank you're filling by attaching the siphon tube to it, loosening the release valve on the dual fill station and opening the valve on the tank you wish to empty.

Place the empty tank on the scale and zero the scale so you can figure out how much gas you're putting into the tank. Chill the tank before filling it by putting about 1 or 2 oz. This preps your tank so that you can safely get the most gas in there. Fill your tank by opening the valve on the bulk tank. Make sure you don't actually fill your tank to capacity as this could be dangerous.

Instead, fill it to about an ounce or two short of its maximum capacity, which should be labeled on the side. Make sure the tank you purchase comes with a siphon tube.

The siphon tube makes sure that your tank is being filled with just CO2 and not regular air. Compressed air canisters can be very dangerous if misused. Make sure you keep your bulk tank and your smaller CO2 tanks somewhere secure and away from heat. The compressed CO2 is extremely cold, so keep your hands away from the purge valve and the release valve on the fill station.

Bryan Lutz began writing professionally in He has been published in his collegiate newspaper, "The Signal," as well as various literary magazines. Check the hydrotest date on the tank you wish to fill up to make sure it hasn't expired. Items you will need CO2 tank Dual valve fill station Scale lb. CO2 bulk tank. About the Author.

Fill your CO2 Sodastream cylinder yourself

Photo Credits.Refilling Co2 tanks with Air Compressors is not as difficult as it sounds or as it may appear. An air compressor is an incredibly useful and versatile piece of equipment able to assist in many different ways at home or in a certain workplace.

One of the most helpful things that an air compressor can do is fill a Co2 tank, though this is often overlooked. If you are someone who requires the use of a Co2 tank, you will know how much of an inconvenience it is to have to take it backward and forwards from a suitable place to have it topped up. The amount of time that takes and the amount of money it costs you to do that soon stack up, but if you have access to an air compressor, this does not need to be the case any longer.

Not only will refilling your Co2 tank using an air compressor save you time and money, but it is also so much more convenient and will allow you to use your Co2 without worrying about it running out of air.

Where Can You Get CO2 Tanks Refilled?

Using an air compressor to refill a Co2 is sadly underutilized, so Best of Machinery want to share with you their easy step process so that you know how to do so safely, saving you time and money.

To complete the first step of this simple process, you must first make sure that you have the correct compressed air fitting which attaches safely and securely to your air compressor hose. Attach one end of the Co2 fitting to the air compressor hose, and the other end needs to be screwed tightly to the Co2 tank. Unscrew the bleed-off valve situation at the top of the fitting so that any air left in the tank can be removed. This will also enable you to have more control and better accuracy when you fill the Co2 tank up.

Having drained any air remaining from previous use, you are now ready to refill the Co2 tank with new air from your air compressor. Remembering to close the bleed-off valve before the compressor is turned on otherwise all of the air will escape. The first thing you need to work out to undertake this step is what the size of your Co2 tank is. Once you have done this, times it by two. The number you get is the length of time the compressor needs to run for.

When we say this, we mean that a tank that is 12 ounces would need 24 seconds worth of air. Find a way of counting seconds accurately, whether you have a watch with a seconds hand or you can use the timer on a smartphone. Turn on the compressor and start counting the seconds immediately. This is the most important part of the process as there is verging on being absolutely no room for error in the counting and filling.

If you do not keep an eye on the time, count incorrectly or overfill the tank through lack of accuracy you will damage the tank, the compressor and even yourself. The overfilling of a Co2 is very dangerous — please be conscious of this! Having used the air compressor for the correctly calculated amount of time, it is time to turn off the compressor.

To do this, you need to open the valve for just a couple of seconds so that the lines are cleared out and so that any obstructions or build up can be avoided or dislodged.

When you have done this, you are then safe to separate the air compressor hose from the tank by unscrewing them. There you have it. A job that once took up a lot of your time, energy and cash, is now something you can do at home for pretty much free once you have the correct kit. You can use your Co2 tank so much more without having to worry about it running out or having to think about how to get it to the shop to get it refilled.

This no longer has to be another financial pressure in your life either. The personal owing of air compressors is a lot more common than you would think. If you require an air compressor to refill a Co2 but do not have an air compressor of your own, it is definitely worth asking around.

Many people do not get enough use out of their air compressor and would gladly offer its services to other people should they require its use so do not be afraid of asking. All you have to do is make sure that you have the right fittings for the right tank and you are on your way to being able to refill your Co2 tank with an air compressor yourself.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.We offer compressed carbon dioxide gas and liquid carbon dioxide CO 2 in a variety of purities and concentrations including but not limited to beverage grade, food grade and USP.

See the chart below and download the spec sheets and safety data sheets for more information on buying liquid carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide gas from Praxair. At Praxair, we develop the right grades for the right applications. Give us a call and we'll help you determine the best supply option for your operations.

How to Refill Paintball Tanks at Home

Carbon dioxide CO 2 is used as a key cryogenic agent in cooling, chilling and freezing applications — protecting the taste and texture of your food products by maintaining proper temperature control.

CO 2 also reduces the need for preservatives in packaged products, and is an essential ingredient in carbonated beverages. Carbon dioxide CO 2 USP is used for insufflation and is often combined with oxygen or air as a respiratory stimulant to promote deep breathing. It is well known in the oil industry that carbon dioxide can be applied to your reservoir as a tertiary oil recovery method. At Praxair, we can provide CO 2 injectivity testing, pilot applications and full-field projects.

We also provide CO 2 services for energized fluid fracturing fracing in conventional reservoirs for both long-reach horizontal and vertical wells. Carbon dioxide CO 2 is an industrial gas used in the pulp and paper industry to control pH levels, enhance pulp yield, and wash brownstock and bleached stock. Screening Washing. A safe alternative to mineral acids, carbon dioxide CO 2 replaces chemicals used in pH reduction — lowering costs and improving plant safety and flexibility.

Carbon dioxide CO 2 is most often mixed with argon as a shielding gas used to prevent atmospheric contamination of molten metal in electric arc welding processes.

Welding Processes. For smaller, more specialized applications, we offer carbon dioxide in high-pressure gas cylinders or liquid carbon dioxide CO 2 dewars in a variety of sizes. Our bulk liquid delivery system offers a full range of purities and tank sizes, for your liquid CO 2 supply needs. We also offer Microbulk carbon dioxide gas delivery as an alternative to cylinders. At Praxair, our scale and reach lets us supply any gas, for any application, almost anywhere in the world — safely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Send a question or comment. Shop PraxairDirect. Carbon Dioxide CO 2. Healthcare Carbon dioxide CO 2 USP is used for insufflation and is often combined with oxygen or air as a respiratory stimulant to promote deep breathing.

Explore other industries that use carbon dioxide CO 2. Supply Options. Buy Online Find the right welding and specialty gas equipment, supplies and information.Note that the 50 lb tank must contain a siphon. Since you're transferring liquid CO2, the gas form will be on the top portion on the tank as the liquid will be underneath. The siphon will allow the liquid to be extracted from the bottom of the tank. Make sure that the scale is used so you do not overfill it.

Follow the chart below. The transfer whip sold does not include the ball valve. It is not necessary since it is an additional step. The CO2 into the transfer whip is controlled by opening and closing of the valve on the 50 lb cylinder. Note: We do not recommend any other transfer whip which might compromise on the efficiency and safety of this process.

Only the one custom made by Hydro-Stat supplied by us! Contact information to purchase the professional transfer whip: mkon magfloat. Follow the video for details on how to correctly and safely work with this method. The chart below shows the maximum CO2 that can be filled for each cylinder size. It is important to know the empty weight before it is filled. It should be similar to chart below.

Do not past the approximate total weight. If this happens remove some CO2. Make sure the scale is used so it does not overfill. Maximum duration of the cylinder is 15 years.

CO2 Refill. Products Categories. End User Dealer Potential Distributor.Emoticon Emoticon. John Morrow PM Blog.

refill co2 bottle

It is the first automatic push-button soda maker that can be used at home to make carbonated drinks but the cost of refilling the SodaStream CO2 can be hefty when you want to use refill packs from SodaStream but fear not, there is a cheaper way to refill and I will show you the one I use to get my bubbly popping again.

You will need to purchase a donor tank and SodaStream tank. Lets get right into it, shall we? First you put the empty CO2 bottle in the freezer for a few hours till the temperature drops to about minus 14 — 21 degrees Celsius. This is because a cold bottle accepts more CO2, filling takes place at bottle pressure and not with a pump.

By cooling the receiving bottle the pressure in it is reduced. Make sure you have screwed on the adapter to the 6kg bar bottle that has been filled with food quality CO2.

CO2 bottles for drinks have a tube internally that reaches the bottom so what comes out is liquid CO2, so you do not have to upturn the bottle. The adapter can only fit one way, with different threads for the big and little bottle.

Then you open fully quickly and wait for it to stop blowing, this takes about a minute. Then close the valve, unscrew the little bottle and weigh it.

The weight of the bottle when empty is usually marked on the bottle. Add it to the weight of the CO2, this gives you the weight of the bottle when full. You should get about g with one filling so return the bottle to the freezer. When frozen repeat the filling. Do that four times and arrive at just under g full weight.

That is enough; you have filled just about g. I usually fill the bottle for a fifth time after which the bottle is so overfull I have to release some CO2. This method suits me fine.

How to Refill Co2 Tank with Air Compressor?

When I am at the freezer and a refill is needed, I do it. A one minute job done four times is much easier than driving off to buy expensive CO2. This cost I recover just by not having to drive to the shop pays for the adaptor after about fillings. In case you are wondering, the adaptor does not fit the old g SodaStream steel bottles. These have another screw thread.

Today CO2 bottles must have a certain screw thread, different for different gases to prevent accidents. The small screw can be adjusted so it pushes the pin. It is not always necessary to press. Threads generally suit the CO2 6, 8, 10 kg tanks.Paintball markers shoot gelatin capsules, also called paintballs, which contain paint to mark your opponent.

But where exactly does the force responsible for shooting the capsule come from? These contain highly pressurised oxygen or breathable filtered air, HPA tanks have different sizes and capacities but the biggest capacity available is a tank that holds 5, PSI. These paintball tanks contain CO2 in its liquid state the reason is that gaseous CO2 turns liquid when compressed.

Liquified CO2 tank sizes range from 3. One of these paintball tanks gets attached to your paintball gun, compressed gas is released in your gun providing the force that shoots your paintballs at high velocities.

Contrary to CO2, air is a lot less dense, which means that it can be stored under high-pressure conditions. Carbon tanks only come stored in a standard aluminium tank. HPA tanks come in 2 different types. Fiber-wrapped HPA tanks are made out of carbon fiber shaped into a cylinder.

Another thing to know is that CO2 is greatly affected by the ambient temperature. If the tank is subjected to a high temperature, CO2 inside will expand, increasing the pressure inside the tank. Fluctuations in CO2 pressure inside the tank according to the ambient temperature. This may cause shots to vary in velocity. Meanwhile, HPA tanks are filled with gas, so it provides consistent pressure and therefore consistent shot velocity. If you shoot rapid successive shots, CO2 in the tank may not have enough time to expand into gas which again, causes inconsistent shots.

It may be so severe it leads to introducing liquid CO2 into your marker which ultimately damages it. This leads to a more forceful shot with a higher velocity.

refill co2 bottle

They can only yield out air of pressure PSI max. It also fills scuba tanks. You can also just get yourself a scuba tank. HPA Tanks have something called a hydro date, which refers to the last time they were inspected for any possible issues that may cause accidents or leakages so they generally have to be inspected every five years.

All you need for this is a CO2 bulk tank and a CO2 fill station. Follow these steps :. Please be careful in storing your CO2 bulk tankas there are hazards associated with the inappropriate use of them.

You can refill your tanks at any time, at the comfort of your house.

refill co2 bottle

Now that you know how to do so, refill these tanks and rock it in the arena! Categories: Blog. Your email address will not be published. What Exactly Are Paintball Tanks? Fluctuations in Shot Velocity Fluctuations in CO2 pressure inside the tank according to the ambient temperature.

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